I heard from Mawlana Jalil Ahmad, a senior khalifah of Hazratwala (rahmatullah alayh), that Hazrat told him:

 “When a murid feels like he is drifting away from his Shaykh, then let him see how regular he is in his awrad/adhkar/wazifas that the Shaykh has prescribed. Inshallah he will feel the connection again, as soon as he reconnects with the aʿmāl which the Shaykh had prescribed.”

ʿArifbillah, ʿAllamah Sherani (rahimahullah) has written that the awrād which are prescribed by a particular Shaykh are an amānat (trust) which must be fulfilled by the murid; otherwise he will be committing a great khiyanat (mistrust) which will be a means of regression on the path.

Wallahu ʿAlam, this could be one reason of becoming distant.

Another reason could be simply not calling or writing, or not attending the majālis of the Shaykh, and not accompanying fellow murids. Maybe you should write a letter to your Shaykh requesting du’a or have a gathering in which you invite all the murideen of your Shaykh and keep contact with them.

Furthermore, one should listen to the Shaykh’s bayans regularly and read his writings. These are also some things which may benefit one.

Editor’s Note: Once one takes a Shaykh as a guide, one should make regular du’a that Allah make his or her Shaykh their very gateway to Him, azza wa jal. The Shaykh prescribes dhikr and awrad to the murideen because this is what has come from the Quran and Sunnah as the way to draw closer to Allah and increase in intimate knowledge of Him. Certain murideen may require different adkhar at different times. Furthermore, by listening to and reading the Shaykh regularly, it is as if one is keeping the company of the Shaykh, and benefiting from the state of his heart, which itself has been transformed from another Shaykh, which itself was transformed by another, all the way back until the Shaykh of Shaykhs – The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bless him and give him peace).